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A Train Metaphor

You’re the conductor at a busy railway station. The station is your life. The trains are your current pursuits. Some trains are going to take priority over others.  The supply trains will (almost) always take priority over the passenger trains. All of the trains are important and have to get to the station eventually. Your job as the conductor is to manage the trains accordingly. You don’t want any of them to derail and crash. You certainly don’t want two trains to collide. So some of the trains will have to wait on the side rails as the more important trains lumber by. Once the big train has passed, the smaller commuter train can continue on uninhibited until it reaches the station.

The supply trains represent money, resources, the things you need to conduct the station.  If the supply trains stop coming in you’re toast.  Unless you have a pretty sizeable stockpile of coal, in which case you can slow them down a little bit so the passenger trains can have their fun. Those trains are your goals. Personal goals, spiritual goals, bucket lists, what have you.

Figure out which are the most important trains and let them pass. Some trains will have to wait.  It sucks to be on that train, but then again you don’t have a choice.  So check your schedule and mind your coal.

Just don’t let ’em crash.


Begin a Journey of One-Thousand Miles

When you were a child, did your parents force you to take piano lessons? But you hated them and quit as soon as you could.  And now you wish you stuck with it? Think about all of the activities that you’ve started and never followed through with – or never started at all.  Imagine how good you would be if you just kept at those piano lessons.  It’s staggering.

Now think about all of the things that you’ve always wanted to learn – a language, a skill, a hobby.  What is the one thing that you most wish you knew how to do?

Pick that thing and start learning it.

Pretty intimidating right?  There’s so much to learn. It would take so much time.  How can I possibly do all this? The phrase comes to mind – a journey of one thousand miles begins with one step.  It’s just like the piano lessons.  You start off pretty bad or worse.  It’s embarrassing. You don’t want anyone to know about it. You’re vulnerable.  But imagine ten years from now, how amazing you’ll be. How accomplished you’ll feel. How glad that you committed to learning that thing that you really want to learn.

Maybe just practice in a sound proof room for a while.