Tough or Brave?

Bravery is not the same as Toughness. To be tough is to be changed by the world. Tough people have little use for feelings, because feelings are ‘soft.’ Tough is inherently hard. Calloused. Being tough means that you don’t feel the lashes. Being tough means you look out for yourself. Yes you can take the punishment, but at a cost.

Bravery on the other hand is different.  Bravery means taking on the trials and hardships of the world without being changed by them. Someone who is brave feels deeply. But they persevere because they know that they can. A brave person uses their feelings to reach out and help others. Being brave means putting yourself out there even though you know it’s going to hurt.

I think our society puts too much value on toughness and not enough on bravery. What do you think?


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